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Control and monitor access into your premises.  The interlocking doors isolate the entering person in the cubicle to allow the entrant to be screened or checked before access is permitted.  In both the entry and exit booths, the first door must be closed and locked before the second door can be opened.





Standard Booth (Single dual direction)

H 2 190mm x W 1 110mm x D 1 188mm

H 2 100mm x W 1 022mm 

Double Booth (One in and one out)

H 2 190mm x W 2 176mm x D 1 188mm

H 2 100mm x W 1 022mm 

Mini Series V1 (One Man Booth)

H 2 205mm x W    750mm x D 650mm

H 1980mm x W    600mm 


  • Our range of access booths can be customised to suit particular decor and design standards for an integrated appearance with a clean and elegant facade.
  • Construction is modular around a sturdy aluminium or steel frame to adapt to any floor layout.  Alternative materials can be offered to suit specific requirements.
  • A wide range of colour options are available.
  • Glazing fitted to the booth is according to the level of security from laminated safety glass to bullet resistant glass.
  • The standard booth is wheelchair and pram user friendly. 
  • The doors are electronically controlled, either automatically, with card reader access control system, or from within the secure area.
  • Electro magnetic locks with a holding force of 500 Kgs. secure the doors in the closed position.
  • Both doors can be locked in the event of a crisis - or unlocked if emergency evacuation is ever required.
  • A battery power backup maintains system operation during a power failure.
  • External doors are manually lockable for night time security.

  • An electronic metal detector to alert the security officer if a concealed weapon is detected.
  • An intercom system to provide communication between the entrant and security personnel.
  • A covert CCTV camera (lens hole 3.2 mm diameter) fitted above the robot indicators or within the booth, connected to a monitor in the premises to allow positive identification of the entrant.  Black and white or colour systems are available.
  • A voice message system incorporated in the booth control to advise the entrant what to do e.g. “Please Wait, Please Proceed, Metal Detected, etc.”  Maximum of eight messages can be programmed according to individual requirements.


The National booth controller has all the normal features required for the banking industry:


FIRST ENTRY (one person only)


SINGLE or MULTIPLE number of people entering and leaving can be controlled


STAFF entry by push-button from control mimic.


BATTERY BACKED The system has battery back up in case of power failure.


BANK OPENS both booths operational.


Each booth also gets fitted with Robot door status indicators (red & green)


BANK CLOSED only the outgoing booth in operation.




  • The first person to arrive in the morning will unlock the booth door and use a tubular key to initiate a FIRST IN entry cycle, thereafter staff are allowed in one at a time, (by pushing the STAFF ENTRY button on the control panel).
  • Anyone wishing to leave can exit automatically.
  • At opening time the control panel is turned to BANK OPEN  clients can now enter and leave the bank as they please (one at a time only if selected on the controller).
  • At closing time the key switch is turned to BANK CLOSED and people can now only exit the bank.
  • Should staff again need to enter; the STAFF button can be used.
  • On leaving the last person out locks the booth and turns the tubular key OFF to shut the system down



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