Pay Windows
Product Features

SABS Specification

Units consist of a counter section which incorporates a sliding drawer to facilitate safe transfer of cash and documents.  The frame around the window is so designed that it allows normal conversation.  Bullet existing glass protects the cashier against attacks by small arm fires.  The frame is made of aluminium and the base is finished in storm grey, oak or mild steel with primer finish.


H 925mm x W 600 x D 38 mm BRG H 800mm x W 600 x D 38 mm BRG
H 925mm x W 600 x D 53 mm BRG H 800mm x W 600 x D 53 mm BRG
Wall opening: 935H x 610W Wall opening: 810H x 610W

Prepare a wall opening in accordance with measurements given above.  Remove bolts holding frame together and remove inside half of frame.  Place remaining drawer unit complete with frame and glass into wall opening and relocate other frame half and bolt into position.  Fill gaps between frame and wall with cement or any other suitable filler.

We can also manufacture observation windows to size required.

  • As our policy is one of constant improvement, we reserve the right to alter this specification.


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