Category 5 Rear Entry Drop Safes
Product Features

SABS Specification 751-1997 Category Five               


The overall thickness is 100mm with a special barrier material between the inner and outer body plates to prevent penetration by hand tools and abrasive disc-grinders.


The door has an overall thickness of 180mm with an outer slab over 90mm in thickness with special barrier material to prevent penetration by hand tools and abrasive disc-grinder attack.  Heavy sliding steel bolts of 32mm in diameter are provided at the front edge of the door with fixed bolts at the back. The bottom hinge is provided with a ball-bearing for ease of operation.


The 90mm thick drawer trap must be accessed from the back of the safe.  The drawer can then be pulled open which allows the responsible person to deposit cash into the safe.  The drawer is supplied with a 7 - lever keylock.  The drop drawer has been tested and approved by the SABS for fishing and strength.


One 4-wheel combination lock and two 7-lever keylocks are provided with keys in duplicate. Locks operate multiple emergency re-locking devices automatically dead locking the boltwork if a lock is attacked by explosives and other forms of attack.  Other locking options are available as optional extras.


Heavy quality stainless steel finished fittings are used. A durable and attractive paint finish is applied.




Size H x W x D (outside in mm)

980 x 580 x 645

1 050 x 710 x 755

Total Depth 



Size H x W x D (inside in mm)

520 x 380 x 350

600 x 510 x 460

Drop Drawer Size

100 x 200 x 200

100 x 200 x 200

Mass (Kg)



Volume (  ?)




  • An additional 65 mm must be added to the external depth to allow for the handle & hinges
  • As our policy is one of constant improvement, we reserve the right to alter this specification, without notice.


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